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2024 Holiday Schedule for the Consular Service of Chinese Consulate General in Kolkata
2023-12-04 13:59

The consular serviceof Chinese Consulate General in Kolkatawill betemporarilyclosedon the occasion of some Chinese and Indian holidays in 2024. The holiday scheduleis as follows:


Date of Temporary Closure

New Year’s Day

January 1 (Monday)

Chinese Spring Festival

February 12 to February 16

(Monday to Friday)

Indian Holi Festival

March 25 (Monday)

International Labor Day

May 1 to May 3

(Wednesday to Friday)

   Chinese Mid-autumn Festival

  September 16 to September 17

(Monday to Tuesday)

   Chinese National Day Holiday

October 1 to October 7

(Tuesday to Monday)

   Durga Puja

October 10 to October 12 Thursday to Saturday

Indian Diwali Festival

October 31 (Thursday)

Further notice will be announced separately if there are any adjustments.

                                             Chinese Consulate General in Kolkata

                                                   December 4th, 2023

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