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Remarks of Qin Yong, Acting Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Kolkata at the International Conference on “Commemorating the Centenary of Rabindranath Tagore’s visit to China”
2024-04-06 16:18

Honble ViceChancellor Mr. Sanjoy Kumar Malik,

Ms. Ma Jia, Chargé d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in India

Prof. AvjitBanerjee,Experts and Scholars,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning

I am very happy to come toShantiniketan again today and come to Visva-BharatiUniversity to participate in the International Conference Commemorating the Centenary of Rabindranath Tagore's visit to China, and speak on behalf of the Chinese Consulate General in Kolkata. Kolkata and Shantiniketanare respected and desired because of the same great nameRabindranath Tagore, carrying the life and spirits of the great poet and philosopher. It is also a great privilege for me to work in Kolkata and to visit Shantiniketanoften. Whether atthe Tagore House Jorasanko Thakurbari in Kolkata or at the Visva-Bharati University in Shantiniketan, I can always feel the harmony, peace and meditation that Tagore's rich spiritual legacy brings to us.

100 years ago, Rabindranath Tagore's historic visit to China  initiated a far-reaching event in the history of Sino-Indian cultural exchanges:

This is a journey to deepen mutual understanding. Tagore, who had a strong interest in Chinese culture and hoped to expand cultural exchanges between China and India, received a warm welcome in China. He had close interactions with ordinary Chinese people, intellectuals and people from all walks of life, which enhanced the goodwill and understandingtowards each other between the people of the two countries .

This is a trip of ideological and cultural interaction. Tagore brought innovative ideas and sources of inspiration to China. The concepts of humanism and internationalism he advocated had a profound impact and strong resonance in China. His unique poetry style influenced several generations of Chinese writers.

This is a trip to enhance China-India friendship. Tagore expressed his deep sympathy and support for the Chinese people who are striving for national independence and democratic progress. Tagore also reached a consensus on academic exchanges with China to promote Chinese and Indian students and scholars to study and research in each other's countries, which also laid an important foundation for him to restart Chinese education and establish Cheena Bhavana in India.

One hundred years later, we gathered together to continue to explore the deep friendship and close ties between Tagore and China, focusing on the past and future of cultural exchanges between China and India:

We must draw strength from the historic visitof Tagore to China, protect and inherit various cultural heritages including the footprints and manuscripts left by Tagore during his visit to China, and provide more valuable physical carriers for the inheritance of Tagore's spirit.

Wemust promote a deeper understanding of each other's culture and traditions between the people of the two countries, and let more people come into contact with and understand Tagore's thoughts and spirit through research exchanges and cultural exhibitions.

We must fully tap into and utilize Tagore's ideological achievements and guidance, seeking bright prospects and the power of peace in today's turbulent and intertwined world.Here, we can find much in common between Tagore's ideas of peace, inclusiveness and cooperation, and China's vision of a community with a shared future for mankind, which we advocate to build an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security and common prosperity.

Tagore once delivered a speech at the first opening ceremony of Cheena Bhavana, saying that today is a long-awaited great day. On behalf of the Indian people, I can issue an ancient oath that has been lost in the past years - an oath to consolidate cultural exchanges and friendship between the peoples of China and India.

Today, a hundred years later, the flowers of Tagore's visit to China have borne fruit everywhere. Let us continue to join hands and work together to carry forward Tagore's spirit,to promote China-Indian friendship, and live up to Tagore's oath.

   Wish theconference abig and complete success!Thank you all.

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