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Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India Counselor Ji Rong refuted article advocating "Taiwan's participation in WHO" published in Indian media
2020-05-02 23:55

On May 2, 2020, certain Indian media published an article by Chen Shih-chung, head of the Taiwan authorities' health and welfare department, openly advocating "Taiwan independence" and "Taiwan's participation in WHO". Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India Counselor Ji Rong made a solemn statement again refuting the wrong arguments and clarifying China's principle and position.

Ji Rong pointed out that China has clearly stated its position many times concerning so-called "Taiwan's participation in WHO". The One-China principle is a widely accepted universal consensus of the international community including the Government of the Republic of India. Any questions about Taiwan's participation in international organizations must be arranged under the One-China principle. As a part of China, Taiwan has no right to join WHO, which is a specialized agency of the United Nations restricted to only sovereign states.

No one cares more about the health and well-being of our compatriots in Taiwan than China's Central Government does. After the epidemic broke out, the National Health Commission of China promptly informed the Taiwan region of the situation, and specially arranged experts from the Taiwan region to pay a field visit to Wuhan. By April 13, the Chinese mainland has informed relevant authorities in Taiwan 127 times. According to the agreement reached between China and the WHO for Taiwan's participation in global health affairs in accordance with the One-China principle, there are no obstacles to technical cooperation between Taiwan region, China and WHO. Medical professionals in Taiwan can participate in WHO technical activities in their proper capacity. From the beginning of 2019 to March 2020, 16 batches of 24 medical professionals from Taiwan attended WHO technical meetings. There is an International Health Regulations Contact Point in the Taiwan region, so it can obtain timely information on global public health emergencies released by the WHO. In addition, the WHO has clarified for many times that Taiwan has not "made alert", but only sought more information from the WHO after the Wuhan Health Commission issued an epidemic notification on December 31, 2019. The so-called statement that Taiwan first issued a warning but did not receive the attention from the WHO is purely groundless.

The Intention of Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party authorities sharing its "anti-epidemic experiences" is purely trying to take the epidemic as an excuse to engage in seeking "Taiwan independence" and achieve its political purpose of separation through this move. China will continue to make arrangements for the Taiwan region to obtain relevant information on epidemic prevention and control as a part of China, but we will never allow the DPP to take this opportunity to engage in seeking "Taiwan independence." We urge the relevant media take a correct stance on issues concerning China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, adhere to the One-China principle, and do not provide platform for "Taiwan independence" forces.

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